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I have been working towards understanding how people think, act and use, whether online or offline, on a daily basis, and at all times, solutions that make their lives easier. How should smartphones, computers, the Internet and other technological devices facilitate, complete and complement our activities? I have an educational background in advertising and social communication, but I’m also looking to move forward in areas that complement design at all its levels. companies. Also I have a Youtube Channel called Design Team, to teach and coach designers to improve knowledge and teamwork.

My YouTube Channel

UX manager at Itaú Unibanco . 2019

My main goal is to enable my team to improve their capabilities as design professionals. I need to enable them to be able to disseminate and collaborate for the growth of the design culture within the company. In addition, bring to them a strong business, strategy and knowledge base so that personal management alignment can be balanced with business management.

Design leader at SIDI . 2015 - 2019

I was a design leader, where I can work on many fronts. In addition to helping designers to develop their careers and improve vision and design quality, I aim to participate in and act on strategic decisions and product definitions. I focus on evangelizing the innovative and marketing vision for creating digital products. With lectures, workshops and internal actions.

Project case - Samsung Kids

Design leader at  Movile . 2013 - 2015

I was invited to manage the design team and implement a career management and mentoring with the team that at that time needed better people management and team integration focused on results. In addition, I acted as product manager and implemented the test culture with users within the company for the development of mobile applications.

Design leader at  Venturus . 2010 - 2013

In Venturus, I had the opportunity to start the work of implementing the design culture in an institute and the user-focused product creation model. We create various products and innovation studies. Mobile applications in partnership with a team in Taipei, where I had the opportunity to work in Taipei at the compal office several times.

About me


A passion is to teach and with that I was able to work as professor for more than 20 years in universities of the country teaching about design, strategy and marketing.

Youtube Channel

After teaching in the classroom, I chose to expand the ability to teach by creating a Youtube channel where I teach designers to evolve in the career.My YouTube Channel


I began my career as an art director in advertising agencies. Creating graphic and digital pieces was where my passion for design began.


I never stopped studying and with that, I looked for specializations and MBAs in the areas of marketing, webdesign and management.


When I chose to lead teams, I realized that I needed to equip myself with studies and knowledge to do that. So I prepared myself through courses and reading how to make the best management of people and projects.


I constantly prepare lectures on various subjects in order to teach and share the most varied knowledge. Ranging from metrics, career and projects.


I am one of the leaders of the IXDA chapter of Campinas, where I help organize the dissemination of design in the community and in events


I believe that design is a fundamental part of creating digital products, where it acts as a facilitator between several steps before, during and after the product is ready and in the hands of the people.


Designers need to prepare to be beyond the visual, the pixels, the images. We need to sit at the table and participate in the strategy and vision of products and business.

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