DEsign leadership

I'm a design leader and thinker about how design can enhance people's experiences. To accomplish this, we must consider innovation, technology, teamwork, products, psychology, the arts, and the world around us.

About me

I have worked to understand how people think, act, and use, whether online or offline, daily and at all times, looking for solutions that make their lives easier. How can smartphones, computers, the internet, and other technological devices facilitate, complement, and improve our activities? I have an academic background in advertising and social communication. Still, I am also looking to advance in areas that complement design at all levels, such as, for example, in companies. Additionally, I maintain a YouTube channel, Design Team, to teach and guide designers to improve their knowledge and teamwork.


Imagine creating an app from scratch that focuses on children and serves an international stakeholder that requires an acculturation process to understand the user experience vision in Brazil.

In seven months, we developed a digital product for children, facing challenges such as balancing South American data in research provided by the Korean headquarters. As project leader, I embraced varied responsibilities to create a safe and results-driven experience.

After launch, metrics revealed issues, reinforcing the importance of data-driven design choices. This experience strengthened confidence in our expertise, leading to more ambitious initiatives and culminating in the evolution of Samsung Kids, connecting the Brazilian business with global goals.

Itaú Unibanco

How to develop engagement and see that people come first for leadership? The challenge of developing people in a cohesive and structured way.

Upon taking over as manager, I led a team of more than 20 professionals, facing the challenge of raising team morale and improving the quality of deliveries. Identifying the need for a clear leadership strategy, I developed a six-month plan with my coordinators focused on collective development, mapping skills, promoting open feedback, and establishing individual goals.

In six months, we have seen a significant transformation, with four promotions and a positive change in team dynamics. The experience reinforced the importance of balance in leadership, understanding corporate dynamics, and creating an engaged team to achieve positive results. 

Boa Vista

Build a team from scratch and pivot a design path to help structure a product vision and elevate enterprise-wide design reach.

Amidst a company deeply rooted in personal financial credit, credit scores, and data, I faced the challenge of creating a design team from scratch in an environment without precedent for such a culture. In addition to leading the hiring of designers, my role was to incorporate a new vision and perspective into the DNA of a traditionally finance-oriented entity. Navigating user experience design leadership, I balanced design principles with the company's business objectives, resulting in a symbiosis where design and finance coexisted, establishing a standard.  

Addressing challenges such as the need for design culture and retaining talent, I implemented a strategic approach, built a cohesive team, established an organizational structure, operationalized design, and connected diverse teams. In two years, the transformation was evident internally and positively impacted the company's financial results. Design found its place and became an influential force in the organization's strategic framework.

Content made for you
In 2018, I started sharing content on YouTube. I've taught at universities and always wanted to amplify my voice to teach people. Through the encouragement of my friend Daniel Furtado, I took some steps to start this great challenge. It was significant because I discovered the potential that sharing with a focus on teaching, connected with my daily life as a leading designer, completely changed the way I viewed the Brazilian market.
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To create
The chance to create content that is relevant to people is a daily challenge. Even more so to bring responsible content and a training base to the market.
To hear
Have the chance to provide unique experiences by talking to someone who is a reference in the global market.
To be
I will use my essence as a designer and expand everyone's vision for mutual growth.
To debate
Open discussion fields with the community for intelligent discussions.

Companies in my career


As Chief Design Officer, I lead design and product strategies, covering a wide range of responsibilities and strategic directions.


At Sapient, I held the position of Director responsible for the UX/CX area, where I was responsible for structuring and leading this front in one of the world's most extensive advertising and marketing groups.

Boa Vista

As Director of UX and Marketing, I created and implemented the Design area from scratch, establishing processes and visions in a design-influenced culture.


As head, I focused on leading the Bankline team, concentrating my efforts on personal development, emphasizing growth, and obtaining results through the quality and practice of the discipline.


As a design leader, I created digital solutions for children and global innovations aligned with the leading brand.


As design coordinator, I managed the design operation and guided teams in creating and developing mobile applications, covering business, design, and innovation aspects.

UX decodificado

Esse livro aborda de maneira prática e realista como os designers devem atuar em empresas que demandam entregas estruturadas e habilidades em pensamento crítico, comunicação e visão de design.